Кейс "Beluga Projects Logistic"
Project card
Beluga Projects Logistic is a leading Russian expert in the field of oversized and heavy transport. The leading position of the company in the market for timely and safe delivery of project cargo is confirmed by many years of experience of excellent work.

Web-site: beluga-projects.ru

Topic: logistics
Our team has long wanted to try our hand at the logistics and international transportation segment, because the specifics of the sphere allow us to use non-standard techniques and approaches, which means a new challenge and a large field for the activities of the contractor. What was our joy when in the summer we were approached by a company with an international name and tasks that our directologist dreamed of. At the first contact with the client, we discussed in detail all the subtleties and nuances of the future project. And there were a lot of them.
Project concept
The main activity of Beluga is complex design solutions requiring non-standard means of transportation - huge vessels, heavy vehicles and self-propelled modules. In other words, the company took up mainly those cargoes that at first glance could not be transported - bridge piers, level crossings, metro lines, underground pipelines and cables. The specificity of this area is that a separate company project is carried out within a period of six months, which ensures a long transaction cycle. The owner of the company, who wants to expand, came to us to meet with the main question - how to find customers in related fields?
After preliminary data collection and analysis of the freight transportation sphere, the Customer was offered a concept - the opening of a foreign economic activity department based on the company's head office in Moscow. The presence of specialized competent specialists in the company's staff, not overloaded with additional tasks, made it possible to form the main cluster of the new department at no additional cost and minimize concerns about the quality of service. Our concept, presented at the next brief, convinced the owner of the company and we signed an agreement for the first stage of cooperation with Beluga.
Sales department formation
Regardless of the quality of the service, the basis of any company's profit is sales. This is exactly what we started when we started active work on the project. The foundation of the future department was assembled from scratch and properly built sales department. Our specialists fully assumed the recruiting function and conducted full training for new team members of the formed department. Considering the specifics of the work and the wishes of the Customer, a one-stage structure was chosen, under which 6 people were hired.

The main factor in evaluating future work was three types of goals: strategic (sales plan for 5 years), financial (monthly sample sales plan) and standardized personal goals for employees.

This stage also included work on:

  1. CRM system implementation:
  2. Tuning analytics systems;
  3. Integration of all the necessary software for the department;
  4. Setting up coordination and control systems for a senior manager;
  5. Other work related to IT support.
    STEP 3
    Design a landing page to attract customers
    When a person clicks on our advertisement, he gets on the landing page. Such a visitor is "hot" because he wants to buy it right now and is unlikely to want to overcome three layers of navigation on the site to get information about the product. Therefore, the landing page structure was chosen as simple as possible - several information blocks, two reputational, feedback forms and a cost calculator.

    Among other things, it is also a tool with which we manipulate the attention of the visitor. You need to convince the person that he was in the right place, and then prompt him to action. That is why we chose the basis of the landing - professionally shot photo materials kindly provided to us by the Beluga company management.
    The result of this work was an established sales system, with good potential and structured plans and goals for the short and long term. The figures for the first three months of analytics of the new department you can see below:
    The first 3 months of cooperation